AJAGBE (A warlord) 

Distant chatter

Plundered my lonely siesta. 

The day hailing and wailing 

Seem to convey the same clatter. 

I peered out from my hut 

It’s then I realised the noon is hot,

What could be wrong? 

And then I see the march.

Of feet stumping the yard in a match.

I craved fleeing,

I’m thinking war has come. 

“Ajagbe! A man beloved,

A pity he’s gone”

I hear the women spew in remorse. 

“Ajagbe! A man of war,

Mighty in battle”

The men chanted with joy. 

Tis direful how the world turns;

How memory turn into dust,

When it hits the crust. 

Ajagbe’s love was pure, 

The poor and the misfits it cured 

What is the fate,

Of the shadow he left behind?

Who will give care to the maim,

And to the hurt in the heart?.

©Apalara Samuel 


I can’t help my heart quivering 

At the mentation of you.

That makes my hand shiver

When I try to pull the strings. 

I would trade a day 

I cannot behold your gaze. 

But whence I beheld it,

My tongue begin to addle, 

While assaying to ennouce your name.

It’s funny 

Because it sounds cunning 

That I can’t breathe 

When I watch you leave. 

Words smolders 

At the acme of my tongue,

The words I can’t say,

I wish there is a way 

It gets to you.

Then, I beseeched Adamu,

For his prowess in composition;

Everyone Lauds.

I cut out my heart, 

And Adamu begins to line. 

Then, next I saw you, 

My mind bliss in confusion.

A discombobulation 

I cannot digest. 

You seem happier with him.

The words you fell for 

Were not of him

But they were meant for you,


From the recess of my heart 

Because I cannot write.

Resolved (A Poem) 

If my eyes 

Would only succumb 

To the clutches of lust, 

Pluck it out, till it’s all gone 

And burn to ash. 

Forgive me beyond my trespass

For my iniquity,

Can not beyound your ubiquity, 

Though lurch down measure of scale. 

Please send a little rain,

And let my heart leaven. 

Once; thick, between love and hate, 

I freely hung to the cloak,

Black like hate. 

Dark and dusty, 

And the ash stung my nostrils. 

Effortlessly my eyes weep with lost, 

Regrets and cravings,

Dragging about my daggered heart.

Me thinking all is gone, 

But the trek to damnation 

Is yet begun.

Lord! lord!

Hear my cry and let me die. 

That my spectre should ravage the earth and return. 

Walk! Walk!  Walk! 

And to discover the world is but a void afterall. 

Forgive me father. 

I’m only human 

Though the spark for humanity is almost lost, 

In this land of ravaged hope,

Hear my whispers

That I may not wither.

©Apalara Samuel 2017

Heroes ( A Poem )

Justice is weak 

And stuttered in it’s grip. 

Who will tend to the meek, 

And stand to take the lead? 

Gone is the epoch 

Of war fought with sticks 

And freedom fought with guns and missile. 

Today is the age 

We claim to have a say. 

And the liberty of words 

Crave to have its way.

Women of the land 

Took the step.

For freedom; they fight,

On the street; they pace.

Stark naked! 

They let shame see it’s reflection,

Which they took upon themselves.

To carry the plague 

For the sins of men 

Bask in shameful apparel. 

“A burnt dignity!”

Many yelled. 

“Shameless creed!”

Few spelt.

But their courage,

“Who can dare?”

Some will see 

Or perhaps will read late,

On the mainframe

When the world recounts their tale,

Then, some will relate.

And in the end 

It won’t be a waste. 

In their hearts, I see fire

I hear freedom;

In their eyes I feel love, 

For the generation unborn 

Their faith is strong.

And hope reborn. 

Today, they may seem to us mad! 

In the morrow as legend we’ll regard. 

Apalara Samuel (All rights reserved) 


What Is Life Meaning? 

​What is life meaning?

If men die all day 

And women cry in pain 

Because they watched their children buried in clay.

Who will remain? 

To reap the fruit of this citadel of treacheous fate?

What are you planning? 

Why can’t you share? 

You say; you don’t have enough 

And your keep can’t hold anymore 

Who are you deceiving? 

You’ll die without shredding any, off your store.   

Where is life leading?

When there is trouble feeding.

A ounce to the mouth 

Pounds to be burnt in might 

In the search for another delight. 

Why is peace hiding? 

How is it there is trouble sleeping,

Squirting helter and skelter 

From one abode to another shelter 

As the insurgence pesters. 

Why does it feel this way? 

like the Gospel is upturned,

And like tinsel, 

It sparkles in the mouth of con men.

Why is heaven promised to the cruel?

And the devil waits for the kind.

How do houses of worshipers sprout painlessly 

Here and there, 

And salvation remain a scarce ware? 

Once I devise a way,

Out. Off this tousle.

The path, I termed breakthrough, 

Only God can save me

From what I break into

I never meant what came my way 

Out of this mess I pray all day.

I’m not proud of what 

I have become 

In a bid to survive 

I think I shouldn’t live with loss. 

Responsibility is all man knows, 

It’s a pure  weight thrusted upon us

Everyday, like the cock’s crowing. 

I wish I could stop it

But I never started it. 

I cry all day, 

Wondering if my days will last,

Perhaps enough for me to mend my ways 

before the days of the future is past. 

Photocredit @ihillshots 

©Apalara Samuel 2017

Never Yours 

Photograph of a sad man in the street of Kathmandu Nepal Asia. By #MaxDrukpa.

The mood of the photo deep and adorable as it is tell a lot of story which I can only imagine and I came up with one. 

NeverYours 1/1

They’ve laid together in the dark 

And in the drowning of the sun, 

Their hands formed the fading heart

Silhouettes in the sunset evening. 

He thought it would last 

But what cause the mustard 

To die, he never planned. 

What a pain in the ass!

The feelings that he had, 

Which he carried all about 

Craving through the drowning of the sun

That one day she’ll be his. 

“What shall console? 

The sigh that bilk,

At the mention of your name.

Or the tears that won’t dissolve the sour truth 

Which is the feeling, that I’m never yours

Once he asked”

Who shall share his singular experience? 

The rehabilitation of a mended heart in resilience,

A terrible catastrophe like a pestilence

The certainty he sought nothing more but to circumvent. 

Then breathing makes silence imperfect 

And the words he can’t speak slip out there. 

He holds on to the memories he can’t hear 

Like mere whispers within the howling wind. 

The words disperses into anihilation. 

Like a pleochroic crystal

The light in his eyes changes into dark 

When he wakes and look up 

Only to realise they were never together. 

Many life he had lived 

Many words he had spoken

The world and its beauty 

His eyes, all have embellished. 

He cannot deny the mantrap and the wonder

In her lips. When she whisper his name 

Her voice fills the gap 

Between the beating of his heart.

Then there is no one around 

And he feels as if he is the only one alive 

The heraldic voice in sulky intensity rises.

Bellowing like a trumpet in flames the assurance, 

That crashed deep into his senses 

And into the latter-day, 

Which is of the time yet to come.

Though he may have been alot of things and been to alot of places,

One thing is for sure and he will always remember.

She was never his. 

a thousand splendid Suns

In dark reverie that which I claim as mine,

I lay drenched in anxiety abode dark confines, 

A voice of light saccade me conscious, 

Behold your gentle gaze beheld my timid stare,

A mystery what happened next. 

My eyes became the reflector of your innocence. 
I wish I knew;

 what beheld my gaze.

The light in your eyes, 

Bright it was and mine grew darker.

For days and for night, 
Reality was obscured from my sight 

Your heart tremored and it quaked. 

Wave upon wave, I felt it. 

But then it was difficult to fathom.

Listening to your heart beat

I fed on your secrets, 

As we set out every night with anxiety, 

Clinging to the hope we’ll probably want to live with.

Steadily it went on in the light of the shadows of others. 

Not quite long the thought of you would linger 

Like flakes of ice it perched on my hide

I tried  to resist, cooler it becomes 

A friend in need is a friend indeed, 

And that I let myself think it is with us. 

When it all turns around and the light goes down 

I realised it isn’t the end.

Words came from your pale blue eyes

For your mouth have refused it’s freedom, 

Everyone but me seemed to understand. 

Of which I can’t take a side. 

My heart did say the same, 

Though my eyes would lie always 

And my mouth embrioided with proud lips. 

Soon you think of me otherwise, 

When you insinuated a bridge in our little nest of secret. 

I’m not like that; I didn’t bother to explain 

You left and moved on swiftly and I never did. 

Your heart have become weary and I saw you drift. 

I would have treated you better; 

More than he did. 

I’m a fool 

For not saying alot to you 

Call me fool for not letting you know the truth. 

I have seen through full moons, and wished through comets. 

But I’m not satisfied because you’ve not come yet. 

I’ll wait till you return; 

Although the world will almost be gone.

But by then my  search would have begun

I’ll  search till I find you, 

Even through a thousand splendid suns.