It feels like ages,
That I come through raged.
And I’ve come this far,
To be spell bound
To an intuition that sees blind.


Freedom by October

The story trails a deed by powerful men, which they’d presumed to be forgotten but little did the perpetrators knew and it was only too late before they realized it’s adherence still breathes.


I can tell stories,
Of hurt which came with pain,
Immeasurable grief.
And betrayal. The gain.

AJAGBE (A warlord) 

Distant chatter

Plundered my lonely siesta. 

The day hailing and wailing 

Seem to convey the same clatter. 


I can’t help my heart quivering  At the mentation of you. That makes my hand shiver When I try to pull the strings.  I would trade a day  I cannot behold your gaze.  But whence I beheld it, My tongue begin to addle,  While assaying to ennouce your name. It’s funny  Because it sounds cunning …

Resolved (A Poem) 

If my eyes  Would only succumb  To the clutches of lust,  Pluck it out, till it’s all gone  And burn to ash.  Forgive me beyond my trespass For my iniquity, Can not beyound your ubiquity,  Though lurch down measure of scale.  Please send a little rain, And let my heart leaven.  Once; thick, between love…

Heroes ( A Poem )

Justice is weak  And stuttered in it’s grip.  Who will tend to the meek,  And stand to take the lead?  Gone is the epoch  Of war fought with sticks  And freedom fought with guns and missile.  Today is the age  We claim to have a say.  And the liberty of words  Crave to have its…

What Is Life Meaning? 

​What is life meaning? If men die all day  And women cry in pain  Because they watched their children buried in clay. Who will remain?  To reap the fruit of this citadel of treacheous fate? What are you planning?  Why can’t you share?  You say; you don’t have enough  And your keep can’t hold anymore …

Never Yours 

Photograph of a sad man in the street of Kathmandu Nepal Asia. By #MaxDrukpa. The mood of the photo deep and adorable as it is tell a lot of story which I can only imagine and I came up with one.  NeverYours 1/1 They’ve laid together in the dark  And in the drowning of the…

a thousand splendid Suns

In dark reverie that which I claim as mine, I lay drenched in anxiety abode dark confines,  A voice of light saccade me conscious,  Behold your gentle gaze beheld my timid stare, A mystery what happened next.  My eyes became the reflector of your innocence.  I wish I knew;  what beheld my gaze. The light…


Obiajulu The mind at last is at rest.. The title of my my just concluded writing. Available on Amazon Kindle @ $1.99 Smashwords https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/695263 Okadabooks App. Obiajulu an igbo name which translates the heart is consoled is the name of a special and intelligent girl who was born a retard to a couple who have…